Known for their academic and professional capabilities, the research team are specialists in their own right. From basic to more complex applied research studies, the work carried out within JvR Africa, or in partnership with professional colleagues, is regularly published and presented at conferences. The team also lectures at universities and advises clients on evidence-based psychology.

Safety Research

The human mind is naturally geared towards ordering the cacophony of information that surrounds it at any given time. It’s no wonder then that people are adept at spotting patterns in their immediate surroundings. With little imagination, we can even see patterns where there are none.

In our workplaces, we are likely to have an intuitive sense of the typical risks and strengths in our areas. These are the patterns we intuitively notice. Where our intuition is less reliable, is in determining whether these patterns occur in all areas of the organisation, where they may be more prevalent and what is causing them to be so. Fortunately, empirical research offers support to make sound and effective decisions when it comes to safety in our workplaces.

Our talented research team is able to use advanced statistics to analyse organisational and behavioural data, determine trends and construct statistical models. These insights help managers to test their own intuitions and place observations in a meaningful context. By determining the strength of relationships between different variables, our research team can help organisations prioritise where to focus targeted interventions to achieve maximum impact.

We utilise an action research approach and work closely with organisations to ensure that research moves out of the ivory tower to make a real difference to people working on the ground.

Our research offering includes:

Survey analysis and validation

Are you certain you are measuring what you have set out to measure?

Statistical Modelling

How are different variables related to each other? And how does this impact your organisation?

Data Analytics

What trends can we pick up from your unique data?

Tailored Research Projects

The internet can provide a wealth of information, but often falls short at the burning questions. We can help answer your specific questions - in your context, taking due consideration of your operational requirements.


JvR Safety offers a variety of safety focused psychometric assessments across different levels and contexts. These assessments provide insights into individuals’ preference for and comfort with risk-taking behaviour. This allows for companies to obtain a more holistic view for selection and development in roles where safety is critical to business success.

For Shop Floor employees:

Raven’s Progressive Matrices (RPM)

This instrument offers information about an individual’s capacity for analysing and problem-solving, abstract reasoning and learning ability. The format is non-verbal – an especially important feature for ana ethnically diverse population. Research has shown that a greater degree of abstract problem-solving is typically related to better safety behaviour.

Vienna Test System (On Request)

For Professionals:

JvR Integrated Safety Profile Report:

Integrating results from JvR’s Basic Traits and Locus of Control Inventory assessments. This report provides an indication of a candidate’s current safety attitude and behaviour which can be invaluable for selection, placement and development purposes.

Work Related Risk and Integrity Scale:

The WRISc is a personality-based integrity measure which was developed with the specific aim of minimising a range of negative behaviours that can cause harm to an organisation, or individuals. It provides insights into an individual’s propensity for risk-taking behaviour and relative likelihood to engage in counterproductive work behaviour.

For Leadership:

Raven’s Progressive Matrices (RPM)

This instrument describes the qualities that emerge in times of increased strain that can potentially disrupt relationships, damage reputations and derail peoples’ chances of success. By becoming aware of these qualities, individuals can better recognise and mitigate performance risks before they become a problem.


The Risk Type Compass

This personality-based assessment focuses on different ways individuals perceive, react to and manage risk, as well as how they make decisions. Based on extensive global psychological research, it places individuals into one of eight distinctive Risk Types. These types each provide insights that have important implications for individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.

While broadly applicable, the Risk Type Compass is especially suited to risk assessment in financial or related practices.


Knowledge alone is not enough to change behaviour, which is why the training services we offer focus on empowering individuals to practice new skills straight from the get-go. Available as standalone courses and workshops, or as part of the PDS™ implementation ‘training’ component, JvR Safety is regarded as a leading behavioural safety training provider.

What makes our offering unique is the tailored courses for the different levels in an organisation. By offering training in this way, the organisation as a whole can begin to adopt new ways of working with a common purpose and language.

At a leadership level, we offer NeuroSafety™ which incorporates neuroscience, safety engineering and organisational development to help organisations create “brain-friendly” working environments. These environments optimise performance, productivity and ultimately, working safely. For middle managers and supervisory level, we offer Safe Behaviour Coaching (SBC™) which provides participants with the skills required to influence and reinforce critical safe behaviours.

Lastly, taking the key principles of both the NeuroSafety™ and SBC™ training into account, we offer one-day workshops for shop floor employees. The primary aim is to align the general workforce with the key principles of SBC™. This allows the workforce to begin identifying with a new way of engaging in safety conversations with ease, as opposed to fear, suspicion or confusion. To ensure that the workshop and the components covered are well understood and highly impactful, we design the sessions so that they are interactive, fun and relatively simple to understand.

If you are considering a training intervention in your organisation, it is critical that new techniques, processes or concepts are shared and understood by all levels within the organisation. For this reason, JvR Safety is perfectly positioned to be your integrated behavioural safety training partner.

OD interventions

While PDS™ is one of our flagship offerings, the JvR Safety team’s expertise uniquely equips us to facilitate Organisational Development projects across a variety of areas. Whether it be establishing a value driven culture, providing leadership and coaching development, or enhancing supervisory effectiveness across an organisation, we provide tailored solutions to meet our client needs.

We work closely with organisations to establish high performing cultures by envisioning the desired future state, and building on currently available resources to reach this vision. What differentiates our process from other consulting firms, is that we collaborate with organisations and build upon existing internal initiatives that complement PDS™ through evidence-based practice. We utilise our experience and technology to clearly understand where the organisation is, where it wants to be, and together we develop operational plans and practical steps to get there. Each of these steps can be managed and monitored through our StratisQ platform.


What sets JvR Safety apart, is not just our wide range of experience and skills garnered from many different companies and industries, but also our approach to finding solutions. Many consultancies claim to be the experts on any and all topics. We see things differently, while we have many areas of expertise, we work with companies to find and follow the answers wherever they may lie. This uniquely places us to integrate cutting-edge research, practical experience, and the wealth of industry and job-specific knowledge that companies invariably possess.

Through applying our sound knowledge of OD and change management principles, we are excellently placed to collaborate with companies on strategic projects regardless of whether they happen within or outside the People Driven Safety™ sphere. From developing models for supervisory effectiveness, rolling out communication plans, and designing measurement diagnostics, in JvR you will find your ideal partner in driving behaviour change that works.

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